Quick dinner again because I had to look after our dog Yuki! | HIROKO JONES

Quick dinner again because I had to look after our dog Yuki!


Just as I was about to make dinner, Michael came back from the walk carrying Yuki. He seemed to hurt his paw, but I  couldn’t see anything. Thankfully, he slowly started walking again. Relief, relief.  Maybe he was stung by nettle or bitten – we couldn’t tell.

It was getting late, so I had to change my cooking plan which now had to be very quick.

Another ginger rice night – straight from the freezer with a trio of salads – steam grilled “kabocha”pumpkin and beetroot, dressed with flaxseed oil, lemon juice and a pinch of salt.  Japanese seasoned lettuce salad dressed with ground sesame, soy sauce, “dashi”stock powder, olive oil and lemon juice. They don’t sound like they match each other. However Michael really liked it and I did too.

♦ Dashi stock powders gives you some great “Umami” balance. These are made from fish and seaweed. Try to buy one with no artificial additives and it is worth spending some money to get a good quality one. So useful and it makes your dish taste great!


This is our dog “Yuki”, which means courage in English. He is not as strong as his name.


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