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Autumnal beetroot soup


Whenever I cook beetroot, I am always amazed how beautiful they are. This is one of the easiest recipes from me.



★This recipe is so easy, so I haven’t given any quantities. Just add as you please!

  • orange and red beetroot
  • water
  • vegetable stock
  • salt and pepper for seasoning


  • large pan


  1. Peel and cut orange and red beetroot into 6 sections and put them in a pan.
  2. Add water and a good vegetable stock – the one I use is a macrobiotic chinese stock.
  3. Simmer until the beetroot becomes nicely softened (I like them to be slightly harder than pickled beetroot).  Turn off the heat and let them cool down a bit – this builds the good flavour for your soup.
  4. Heat the soup again. Season with salt and pepper if needed.dashi

This soup is lovely with some ginger rice ball or “Chijimi” buckwheat pancake.














Autumnal Yuki and Ruby.


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